Working here at Linda’s Stuff it’s easy to be inspired by all the beautiful fashion that comes in every day. Sometimes being surrounded by fashion isn’t enough to motivate some of us to get dressed in the morning. We’ve all had those days, staring at a jam packed closet thinking “there is nothing in here to wear”. Clothes comes off hangers and onto the floor as outfit after outfit is rejected. The reoccurring though running through your head “I have nothing to wear”. When that happens, you can A. sell your items (us here at Linda’s Stuff can help with that) to get money to buy more items or B. find things that inspire you to try new outfits, put different colors together and find something to wear in a sea of rejected clothing. When I feel uninspired by my clothing choices I turn to the internet. Our tumblr is full of beautiful images that motive me put something together.

Feeling downtrodden from your closet? Get inspired. Check out our tumblr and pintrest for some new ideas. Take a look outside and put together an outfit inspired by the spring flowers that are beginning to bloom.

When you’re feeling unmotivated what inspires you?

Check out our tumblr and pintrest.


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