Outfit on Repeat

Do you have a go to outfit? Something that when you’re having a bad morning, can’t figure out what to wear, you can instantly throw on? I know I do. It’s a simply floral dress. I must wear it at least once a week. Whenever I can’t figure out what to wear I find myself pulling this dress out of the closet. Seeing this dress in the laundry week after week got me thinking, I have a closet jam packed of clothes and yet I continue to wear this dress. Why is it that we wear the same things over and over again even when we have more than enough outfits to last for a month and still have some left over, or at least I do?

Do you find yourself wearing the same item over and over again? Do you have a signature outfit? Try a 30 day challenge, no outfit repeats for a month. Do you think you could do it?


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