Homage to Martin Margiela

Fashion’s invisible man, Martin Margiela is in clear sight in American pop culture right now.  You all know the Kanye West lyric, “What’s that Jacket Margiela?”  Surprisingly enough, Margiela has gained a huge fanbase in the hip hop community as of late.  Everyone from Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, Jay-Z and and A$AP Rocky have been name dropping Margiela’s truly unique designs.  Margiela is a man of mystery, the Belgian designer does not do face-to-face interviews, never appears on the runway at his shows, and this is one of the only photos of him on the web…

Martin Margiela circa 1997. Image Credit nytimes.com

When I think of Margiela, extreme tailoring, oversized knits, and unique structures come to mind.  I am always fascinated with his pieces that come through Linda’s Stuff!  I once handled a black MM6 cashmere sweater that had sleeve ends which were sewn together, it slightly resembled a straight jacket, but it was so bizarrely brilliant!  At his shows, he often veils the faces of his models, and never takes a bow.  His aesthetic is truly avant-garde and admired.  He has made his mark in the fashion world, inspiring the likes of Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen.

Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky has a special affinity for Margiela’s designs, in his song “Goldie” he says, “My Martin was a Maison, rock Margiela’s with no laces” and shows a clip of these gold Margiela sneakers.

Maison Martin Margiela Mirror Sneaker. Image Credit minearekool.com

Despite the exclusivity of the house of Margiela, there are a couple ways you can get your hands on some of his unique pieces…

H&M has just announced that their next designer collaboration will be with Margiela and hit stores November!

And, Linda’s Stuff is always getting in Margiela pieces.  Keep an eye out for what comes in next and a piece of unique fashion can be yours, at a fraction of the cost @shoplindasstuff.com

Bravo, Martin Margiela!



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