Trend Spotting

There’s a classic look that’s making a chic new comeback- The cap toe!

image credit

If you’re a fan of colorblocking the cap toe is a look you should try on for size.  When I think of cap toe styles the Chanel Cap Toe Ballet Flat comes to mind.  But a modern twist on this style is it’s resurgence in pumps.  Cap toe pumps have proven to be a very stylish twist for high heels.  We should thank Louis Vuitton for reintroducing this trend.  Vuitton’s metallic cap toe pumps from Spring 2012 delighted fashionistas around the world, and inspired a sea of similar pumps from the likes of Topshop and Zara.

image credit

image credit

Perfection. Louis Vuitton Metallic Cap Toe Pumps. image credit

While many of these gorgeous pumps carry a steep price tag, this trend can also be a bargain and a fun DIY project.

You can make your own cap toe pumps with some paint, painters tape and a pair of pumps (or any style of shoe you choose).  Just put some tape where you’d like your caps to start, spray your paint & voila you have your very own cap toe pumps.  Of course, a little precision is advised in your application, but this is a simple style to achieve.  You can also get the trend without breaking the bank at  We have a bunch of cap toe shoes from the likes of Chanel and Dries Van Noten for both men and women.  Happy Shopping!

Here’s hoping the cap toe is here to stay 🙂


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