The Place We Call Home

Decorating. There’s nothing quite like the excitement of decorating. Or maybe you are just hoping to add a new look to an already cozy living quarters. Whatever the reason, sometimes we all need a little change to add an extra special touch to the place we call home. The most important question to consider in decorating is: what does your home represent to you? Is it modern with a hint of vintage? Are you looking for some colorful pieces to match your already colorful personality? 🙂


Whatever you decide upon, here at Linda’s Stuff we offer more than just fashion for the everyday person, we specialize in home goods, antiques and art as well. Whether you are aiming for that modern look or you’re wanting to add a vintage touch, we have plenty of items to choose from. Many of these items are difficult to find which is a great opportunity for the collector who is looking for that perfect piece that will complete his collection.


Check out this rare limited edition Hearts & Zephyrs Suite Serigraph by Erte up for auction this week. First issued in 1985, it is #24 out of 300. A perfect addition for any art lover.

With so many items to choose from, you’ll be looking for an excuse to have people over to see all of the beautiful additions to your home!

Happy Decorating!

❤ Diana-Marie ❤


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