The Beauty Beat : Spring 2013 Trends


Deca Cosmetics

Here at Linda’s Stuff fashion is not our only love… we also have a passion for beauty, and in my opinion the two go hand in hand.  We love keeping up to date on all trends including fashion, makeup, and hair. If we are going to have fabulous clothing, we are going to need current makeup and hair to complete the look! Below we have compiled some beauty trends to look out for this Spring.

Blue and Green Eyeliner


Harper’s Bazaar

Color is no longer just for your eyeshadow! Blue and green eyeliners are popping up everywhere. The thought of colored eyeliner may make you crinch but these colors show up subtle and look beautiful. Don’t be afraid to try out these eyeliners and bring out your eyes!

Bright Lips


Blush Box

Be bold this Spring and rock a bright lip color! Bright pinks and fuchsias are a fun way to liven up your look.

Middle Part



The middle part, aka the Kate Moss, is back! This is an easy trend to try, even if it is just for one night. Part your hair down the middle to transform your look.

60’s Mod



60’s mod is a trend this season in both fashion and beauty. When you put on your mod mini why not have fun with your makeup and hair too? Add some volume with a beehive up-do or rock a half up-do beehive like the models above. Full eyebrows are also reminiscent of the 1960s. Add some fullness to your brows with a matching eyebrow pencil.

Metallic Accented Nails


Harper’s Bazaar

Bored with basic nail colors? Add a little shine to your nails this Spring to mix it up. No need to go full on metallic… just add accents to your solid nail color. Studs or a metallic design over a matte color are the ways to go!

Nude Nails


Harper’s Bazaar

If metallic nails are not your style, pale nails are also in for Spring. Creams and nudes make your nails look pretty and polished. Think nudes are boring? You don’t have to stick to solid colors, add some interest with a pattern in nude shades like the model above.

Be fun and fearless this Spring by trying out one of these emerging beauty trends. The best part about these looks? They aren’t permanent! You can experiment with the styles and have makeup remover handy in case you don’t like the look. It is an easy way to mix it up this Spring!


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