The Suit That Suits You!


Memorial Day has come and gone which means it’s officially swimsuit season! You stuck to your New Year’s resolution of getting fit and fabulous so that you would be ready to wow with your new summertime bod (or maybe you didn’t…)! Either way I have no doubt you will look incredible this summer as you hit the waves. With that said, there are  many questions to ponder… What style are you aiming for this summer? Bikini or One-Piece? Or maybe you want to change it up with a tankini? There is so much to think about but don’t worry, Linda’s Stuff has got you covered.  Check out our swimwear guide below to find the perfect suit to match your personality!

The Cutie Pie


Asos Floral Bikini

You love polka dots, stripes and prints galore! You love to show off your quirky, adorable side at the beach.

The Daring Diva


Anika Bikini from Linda’s Stuff

You aren’t afraid to show a little skin as well as add a few bold colors in the process.

The Retro Gal


High Waist Bathing Suit by Topshop

You’re a bit more old-fashioned and love to show off your vintage style. You draw inspiration from the past to look incredible in the present.

The Glamstar


L Space Cut Out Bathing Suit from Linda’s Stuff

You’re a true rockstar by nature. All of your adoring fans will love  your unique style that’s different from most.

Be confident and rock a style that you love. Now what are you waiting for? Go hit the beach!!