A Fashionista’s Guide to Packing

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Summer is in full bloom and it is about time for you to jet off to your vacation destination. I don’t know about you, but packing my bags for a week long vacation can prove challenging. For me, it is a struggle to narrow down what items make it into my suitcase. After all, I never know what type of fashion emergency I may face. (and who says I don’t need 7 pairs of shoes for 7 days!?) However after becoming an avid traveler, I’ve learned a few tricks to picking out outfits for vacation. Whether you are road trippin’ or going on a Roman Holiday we have the inspiration you are going to need. Check out some tips below and than get packing!

European Adventure


Going on a European Adventure?! You are one lucky gal! I spent 3 months in Europe and know that you are going to want to be chic yet comfortable. The Europeans are very well dressed and you are going to want to fit in with the fashionable set.  Take breezy skirts and tops that you can mix and match, and accessorize to make different outfits.  Europe is full of churches and museums, therefore you may want to have a sweater on hand to cover your shoulders ( both to be respectful and to kept you warm in the air condition).  A pair of light pants and a colorful top will keep you looking stylish and can also translate from day to night.  When it comes to footwear opt for a fashion forward sandal that comes in a neutral. You will will be walking around a lot and from experience I know high heels and cobble stone don’t work together! Lastly don’t forget a crossbody handbag. This will leave you hands free to take pictures and explore, but you will still have your belongings safely at your side.

Bahama Mama

tropical vacation

If your vacation is going to be full of sun, sand, and tropical drinks by the pool than this guide is for you. You are definitely going to need all of the beach essentials. Most of your trip to the tropics is going to be spent on the beach or by the pool, so be sure to pack a bright bikini (or two)! Don’t forget to about a beach bag to lug your book, lotion, iPod and towel from the room to the beach. A bright beach bag looks stylish AND can come handy if you can’t find your spot on the beach when coming out of the ocean ( I can’t be the only one with that problem!) A straw fedora, sunglasses, and a cover up not only add to your outfit but also protect you from the Caribbean sun. It gets hot in the islands and you are going to want some relief!  A pair of neon sandals will also give any outfit a tropical vibe and show off your bronze skin! It also may be a good idea to pack a pair of wedges or heels for a night out. One last thing…. don’t forget your ice cold Bahama Mama cocktail!

Road Trip!


Hoppin’ in the car and driving coast to coast? You will want to be comfy and ready for adventure.  A long sleeve tee, tank, and shorts is perfect to wear on the road. Stay warm in the car than take off a few layers when you stop at the hot spots! A pair of Toms or comfy kicks are also essential. You can kick them off in the car to relax and have them ready to throw on when you come across an unexpected experience.  Also be sure to bring your tech gear to capture the fun and to keep you occupied on the way. Your iPhone is essential for tunes and your camera can remember it all!

Adventure on the Cape


If you are heading to the Cape than you’ll want to read on. Packing for Martha’s Vineyard isn’t too complicated. Just pack your preppy essentials. Printed shorts and a breezy button down top are a must for biking along the bay!  Put your  preppy pleated skirt and striped wedges in the suitcase just in case you have a lobster dinner out on  your neighbor’s yacht.  They keep it classy at the Cape so this is the perfect chance for you to break out your one piece a la Jackie O.  Aside from these  classics, you will need the beach basics including a towel, cover up, sunglasses, and of course the perfect pair of sandals.

I hope my guide to packing has you motivated and inspired to fill your suitcase with the most fashionable vacation must haves.  No matter where you go I hope you have a fabulous and chic summer adventure! Now I am off to narrow down which shoes to pack; but I must leave you with one last tip… be sure to leave room in your luggage for your shopping souvenirs!