Men’s Fashion Week


AMI , Photo Courtesy of GQ

We are often so busy planning our own wardrobes, sometimes we forget about the leading men in our lives! Of course, we love to look our very best but nothing says fashion like a dynamic duo (namely you and that gorgeous guy you’ve been dating) who plan to hit the town sporting the latest trends that fashion has to offer. Many of our favorite designers debuted more fabulous collections this season,and we have the scoop on what exciting trends are forthcoming.

Men’s Fashion Week in Paris gave us quite a show. From the devastatingly handsome to the rather unusual new trends this season, we were treated with a delicious debut which tied in both old fashion favorites and some bold new choices!

Prints Galore!

It was interesting  to see that many designers opted for prints. Prints are always a fashion favorite; however, more designers showed a unique side to these designs. Dries Van Noten showed his softer side with some floral print shirts and trousers. The floral print is going  Louis Vuitton kept it simple with plaid; while Ann Demeulemeester showed off some daring stripes.


Dries Van Noten. Photo Courtesy of NY Times


Louis Vuitton. Photo Courtesy of NY Times

Some designers opted for a bold, much more shocking approach. Literally.


Moschino. Photo Courtesy of

The Bomber Jacket

Another trend that the men should be rocking is the bomber jacket. The zip front jacket was seen on numerous runways in a variety of materials. From suede to nylon to prints to solids, there were so many versions of the jacket that it is unavoidable.


Bottega Veneta. Photo Courtesy of  Details

And of course, nothing screams sexy more than this leather version from Saint Laurent.


Saint Laurent. Photo Courtesy of GQ



Photo Courtesy of Wall Street Journal

Different shades of blue were also big on the runway. Cobalt and navy were especially prominent. It is a great change from the usual grays and blacks we see in men’s suiting.

All in all, Paris wrapped up a rather successful fashion week. But your man doesn’t have to wait until next Spring to wear some fabulous designer items.  We hope that Men’s Fashion Week has got you and your special guy inspired for a special night out looking bold, fashionable and absolutely fabulous!