The Pixie Makes A Comeback

Now that we have you excited about the upcoming trends that Fall has to offer, hopefully  it has you thinking about how to spice up your own wardrobe.  After all, Fall is the season of change and maybe it IS time to mix up your look! If just trying out a new clothing trend won’t suffice,  maybe that change could come in the way of a new hairdo?

As many of you may have seen, Beyonce also switched up her locks this week. She shocked us all with photos of her new pixie cut this past week. It seems many of our celebrity favorites have been taking the dare and chopping off their luscious locks. From Michelle to Miley to Anne and now Beyonce- what is it about changing our hair that makes women feel so empowered? And we can’t help but wonder- are you feeling a little inspired to take the pixie plunge as well?

Beyonce’s Pixie Cut

Now before you go running for the scissors, keep in mind some key points when making such a drastic change, especially to your hair. While you may want a hairstyle exactly like your favorite celebrity, your face shape and texture might not be right for that look. But that’s okay, because there is a great look out that will suit you perfectly!

Face and Body Shape

This is probably the most important thing to consider when choosing the best hairstyle for you. Certain hairstyles are better suited depending on what type of face shape you have. If you are dead set on the rockin’ that pixie (and honestly, who could blame you, it’s making quite the comeback!) pixies tend to look best on round faces. But don’t get discouraged, you can still pull it off with heart-shaped, oval or square shaped face. It’s all about accentuating your best facial features. Your body shape also plays an important part. And if you’re petite, you’re in luck! This cut would look fabulous on you!


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Hair Texture

Another important factor to consider is the texture of your hair. A lot of women forget to consider this when selecting a style that’s appropriate for them. They get to the hair salon with the picture of the haircut they want and are greatly disappointed when they realize that their hair won’t fall the same way. (And this may or may not have happened to me on occasion!) Short hair tends to look best on women with straight or wavy hair. It gives it more of a sleek, edgy look whereas curly hair can end up going in every direction imaginable. Which brings us to the next factor: maintenance.


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How much time are you willingly to spend on your hair? The big myth is that short hair takes less time to style but that’s not always the case. Sometimes it can take longer, depending once again on the texture of your hair and the way the hair is cut. Plus if you are having a bad hair day it’s not like you can throw your hair in a ponytail and go anymore! Shorter doesn’t necessarily mean easier!

I hope that I’ve given you some helpful hints on what to consider when opting for a shorter haircut. I wish you the best if you decide to join in on all the pixie fun, and I’m sure that whatever you decide on for your new Fall look, I bet it will be nothing less than fabulous!