Game Time: Food Edition

We are days away from the most watched televised event in the US, the SUPERBOWL! Over 108 million people are estimated to tune in each year to watch the biggest football game of the season. However, when it comes to the Superbowl, I care most about what snacks and dips are being served! Here are a couple of recipes that you can bring to your Superbowl party, which will surely impress!

Ina Garten’s Guacamole 

This woman can do no wrong and who doesn’t love guacamole paired with chips! It’s the ultimate snack! With this foolproof recipe, this dish is one of the best!


Follow this link for the recipe!  How easy is that!

Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Chicken Dip

I recently went a party, where another guest brought this dip. It was the highlight of the evening and everyone wanted the recipe! So easy and so delicious!


Follow this link for the recipe! Just pair it with chips and you are good to go!

Ain’t No Thing Butta Chicken Wing

According to all of my guy friends, wings are mandatory football food! The recipe, by Guy Fieri, is sure to have all the guys diving in for seconds!


Follow this link for more recipes!

And finally, here is a dessert, that is perfect, no matter which team you support! Designed by Cupcakes and Cashmere, this adorable concept pays tribute to both teams! You can pick a team, or do both! It’s completely up to you!

Follow this link for the recipe!

Here’s to the Broncos and Seahawks! Good luck and Happy Eating!