The New “Normcore”


The pendulum is always swinging in the fashion world and lately it’s been swinging towards something quite “normal” . Normcore is the name that  the trend forecasters at K-HOLE have penned for this emerging trend. In case you haven’t heard, this interesting fashion phenomenon has been described as the desire to be blank or plain. It’s a trend that is seemingly sensible and everyday. For instance we are seeing the once high heel slinging fashion bloggers  wearing ordinary sensible shoes like Birkenstocks and New Balance sneakers with their designer attire. We have gone from extreme and unique high heels (think Lady Gaga platforms) to the need to be comfortable and practical in flats and sneakers. Basic tees, mock turtlenecks, baseball caps, and khakis all fall under this normcore trend.

birkenstocks3Birkenstock makes a comeback.


new-balance-street-style-blackNew Balance is no longer just for your dad.


Over the past few years the trend has been to be different and to standout.  However that has become exhausting and people are seeking style in the opposite spectrum. They are looking to fit in rather then to standout.  In fact in the fashion world it has been “in vogue” to  be extremely individual. However now that fast fashion has made it easier to be an “individual” , the only way to stand out is to make the un-cool cool. The goal is to be confident in these plain intelligent styles; no need for  in your face fashion.  But don’t get us wrong, these perfectly pedestrian styles can be tres chic. Check out  some Normcore looks here:


Will “normcore last? And would you wear the trend? Let us know.